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NeuroAffective Touch

What is NeuroAffective Touch?
Our bodies hold our experiences all the way back to what happened in early childhood and often even in utero. Comfort and nurturing can help the body learn to let go of the bracing and tension patterns that cause pain and discomfort.

What happens in a NeuroAffective Touch session?
We start with spending some time talking about where you have tension or discomfort in the body. I explain the options and invite you to share what kind of touch feels right for you.
I invite you lay on a massage table that has 4 inches of memory foam. You are fully clothed and lay on your back or side. I offer warm pillows and blankets to bring in comfort as we explore how to make your body more comfortable. Clients often report feeling very relaxed and safe. Based on information you provide about areas of tension, I will offer warm pillows and / or direct touch. I can use touch to help release tension in the muscles while explaining what our body does to protect us from what the body sees as dangerous. When using direct touch I always ask what kind of pressure feels right for you.

What if I don't want to be touched?
I will use weighted pillows instead of direct touch. I will also invite you to use self directed touch such as placing your own hand over your heart.

Direct touch is only done with permission from the client. You always have the option to decline any of the touch work.

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